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Mike Ratcliffe Appraisals and Estate Sales

tableI appraise personal property, antiques, costume jewelry, and collectibles. I do work for probate, divorce, or home owner’s insurance. I have 40 years experience in the antiques/collectibles industry. Appraisals are performed for an hourly fee.


Estate Sales I operate as an estate consultant helping you set up, organize, and price your estate sale. You perform the actual sale and handle all cashier transactions. Unlike the estate sales company process, this is done by an hourly fee and not on commission. This maximizes client profit. Plus, I can help with sales that estate sale companies reject because of size or location. I do not have a set up crew but will assist in a “hands on” manner with sale set up.



  • Less costly than hiring a traditional estate sales firm.
  • I will come and work with you even if you are not in the Tulsa metropolitan area.
  • You have more input in how your sale is conducted.
  • Should you feel it helpful I will be present during the sale to assist.
  • You don’t have to be overwhelmed with tackling the task alone.
  • You will have the expertise of someone with prior experience knowing what is trending in the current market.
  • Gain cash value by not under pricing items in your sale, or pricing based on sentimental attachment.
  • Advice in marketing your sale for the best response.