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Feeling Overwhelmed?





I don’t know where to start!

I hear it all the time when families are dealing with the overwhelming, time-consuming, chaotic task of disposing of a loved one’s estate.




What if there was a way to overcome the stress and chaos, make the maximum money and have a peaceful transition?



• Where do I sell all this stuff?
• Are there any valuable pieces?
• How much is it worth?
• What do I keep and what do I throw away?
• What do I do with all the leftovers?
• I don’t have a good relator
• I need a trustworthy packer and mover



My name is Mike Ratcliffe. I’ve spent 42 years in this industry and 37 years as an appraiser. I’ve seen it all and done it all. My connections are the best in the industry. I know who to trust, who provides exceptional service and who will give my clients their best experience possible. I also know where to sell your pieces so that they will bring the maximized profits.



I’ve sold locally, nationally and internationally.



Let me help you make your transition stress-free and profitable.



Mike Ratcliffe
Appraisals and Estate Sales